Who We Are
The Kure Beach Citizens Advisory Group (KBCAGT) has been formed to evaluate the safety and flow of traffic on the town’s roadways. It enlists the contributions of citizens in all phases of the program, which includes: potential problem areas, potential solutions to the problems, and an evaluation of the suggested solutions. The group is not part of the town’s government, and is not aligned with any special interest groups.

Where & When We Meet
The KBCAGT meets at Kure Beach Town Hall every Thursday at 9 AM (except major holidays). All meetings are open to the public. An attempt will be made to give the public adequate notification of any changes of time, location, or date.

Mission Statement
The KBCAGT’s function is to collect information from various sources, including the citizens of Kure Beach, regarding Kure Beach traffic. Once the group has collected all the information necessary for each task it is studying, the task will go through an analysis, with pros and cons and a weighting to each of the possible solutions and their probability of success. The findings will be presented to the Town Council and to any town agencies that may be impacted  as a result of the group’s findings. The goal is to come up with solutions that do not require an increase in taxes, or put a greater burden on any town agency, which could lead to requests for additional funds.

Contact Us
Email us at kbcagt@gmail.com.